Storybird lesson plan!

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

for last week’s lesson, we had a discussion about Personalized Learning. the discussion was carried out within a chat session according to our bundle group. this discussion was meant to help us to understand more about Personalized Learning and hear other opinions from our friend regarding the particular topic.


I had chosen the web based tools from

this is what the web actually looks like

ok… basically, storybird is “collaborative storytelling for family and friends.”

Storybird helps you create a tale with an intuitive book-like interface and a whimsical selection of artwork. (We’re not talking stick-figures here. These are high-quality images from some of the most talented “undiscovered” children’s illustrators today

so, why did i choose this particular tool?

  • it does not require any sign up!!
  • the images and items in the storybird, were cool! colourful and attractive!
  • children love story! so we should use it as a tool to attract them
  • i can create my own version of story using the templates given!so, why did i choose this particular tool?


The Lesson Plan

Year: Standard 5

Level of Proficiency: High & Average

Topic: My Friends (People around us)

Language Focus: Adjectives

Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

  • talk about their friends and describe them
  • create and describe their friends using Storybird
  • write simple sentences to describe their  friends using appropriate Adjectives in Storybird


1)Teacher gets pupils to choose one friend that they like the most.

2) Teacher lets pupils to talk about their chosen friends.

3) Teacher shows a chosen story from Storybird. (

4) Teacher carries out reading aloud session with pupils.

5) Teacher gets pupils to discuss about the story.

6) Teacher introduces the language focus to be learned by pupils in the lesson.

7) Teacher lets pupils to choose one friend and describe their friend  & write them on the board.

8 ) Teacher shows pupils on how to use Storybird tool.

9) Teacher divides the class into several groups which each group should consist at the most 4 students

10) Each member of the group has to choose an image from Storybird to represent their best friend.

11) Each member has to describe about their friend by writing 2/3 simple sentences on each page (5 members=5 pages of Storybird)

12) Teacher facilitates pupils’ activity.

13) Pupils present their storybird in groups by reading aloud about their best friends.


ok guys… basically this is how i am going to manipulate this storybird tool into my lesson….. i hope u guys enjoy reading my post



  1. Salam and hye..

    One of the part of your lesson plan that I like the most is, “Teacher lets pupils to choose one friend and describe their friend & write them on the board.” Why? Because we can manipulated it to be either reading, writing, listening or speaking. Overall, good job.

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